🇸🇪 Electricity spot price in Sweden (South) today – April 20, 2024

Electricity spot prices in Sweden (South) today, hour by hour. Including prices for the last 30 days.


Electricity price today in Sweden (South)

Right now the price of electricity in Sweden (South) is   0.064 €/kWh -1,8 %

Highest electricity price today is 0.097 €/kWh at 20-21 Lowest electricity price today is 0.011 €/kWh at 14-15 On average the electricity price today is ~0.058 €/kWh
Detailed tabled Last 30 days

A shower costs today
0.38 € in Sweden (South)

Lowest price today: 0.58 € Highest price today: 0.06 €

10 min, 160 l of water = ~6 kWh

A bath costs today
0.48 € in Sweden (South)

Lowest price today: 0.73 € Highest price today: 0.08 €

200 liters of water = ~7,5 kWh

An oven at full blast all day costs today
1.39 € in Sweden (South)


1000W x 24 hours = 24 kWh

Boil 1 liter of water costs today
0.01 € in Sweden (South)

Lowest price today: 0.01 € Highest price today: <0.01 €

Hot plate for 4 min = ~0,12 kWh

Bake a pizza costs today
0.07 € in Sweden (South)

Lowest price today: 0.11 € Highest price today: 0.01 €

Oven for 30 min = ~1,1 kWh

Charge an electric car costs today
2.88 € in Sweden (South)

Lowest price today: 4.37 € Highest price today: 0.48 €

Nissan Leaf 10-80% = ~45 kWh

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Detailed exploration of the SE4 (South) electricity price zone in Sweden

Distinguishing features of Sweden's electricity zones

The SE4 zone, encompassing the southern part of Sweden, including Malmö as its major city, is an essential segment of the national electricity grid. This zone's energy profile is shaped by its urbanized areas, industrial sectors, and the dense population, presenting unique challenges and opportunities in energy management and distribution.

As a key player in Sweden's energy landscape, SE4's energy demands and supply patterns offer insights into the diverse nature of electricity usage across the country.

Smart metering in Sweden

SE4, like other regions in Sweden, benefits from a comprehensive smart metering system. These meters provide detailed, hourly data on electricity consumption, empowering consumers with greater control and understanding of their energy usage.

This technological advancement is a cornerstone of Sweden's modern energy infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and promoting a more consumer-centric approach to energy consumption.

Spot price-based electricity plans in Sweden SE4

In the SE4 zone, electricity plans are predominantly linked to the spot price, mirroring the market's dynamic nature. This pricing model, displayed on this page, changes hourly, reflecting the immediate conditions of the electricity market.

This approach to electricity pricing in SE4 encourages consumers to be more conscious of their energy use, adapting to price fluctuations, and contributing to overall energy efficiency.

SE4's energy mix: Embracing nuclear power

The energy mix in SE4, and in Sweden as a whole, is a blend of renewable and conventional sources. A notable aspect of this mix is the inclusion of nuclear power, which plays a significant role in Sweden's energy strategy. Nuclear power provides a substantial portion of the nation's electricity, contributing to energy security and stability.

The strategic use of nuclear power, along with renewable sources like hydro, wind, and solar energy, demonstrates Sweden's commitment to a balanced and sustainable approach to energy generation.

SE4's contribution to the EU electricity market

The SE4 zone's active participation in the European Union electricity market is crucial for the efficient and sustainable distribution of energy resources. This collaboration enhances the reliability and flexibility of the electricity supply in both the local and broader European context.

Through its involvement in the EU electricity market, SE4 plays a vital role in supporting a stable, interconnected, and sustainable European energy network.

Energy saving tips

Charge the electric car when electricity is cheapest

The price of electricity can fluctuate a lot during the day and charging an electric car consumes a lot of electricity. With the cost of electricity today in Sweden (South) it is 3.89 € cheaper to charge at the hours with the lowest price.

Lower the temperature by one degree

Heating is one of the things that consumes the most electricity in a typical home. You save about 5% of the costs for heating for every degree you lower the interior temperature.

Questions and answers about electricity

What uses the most electricity at home?

Heating certainly uses the most electricity, closely followed by hot water and charging electric cars. Electrical appliances such as TVs, mobile phones and computers use very little electricity in relation to heating.

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All prices are current open market spot prices in the day-ahead segment without local vat, tax or other additions.

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