🇫🇷 Electricity spot price in France today – July 24, 2024

Electricity spot prices in France today, hour by hour. Including prices for the last 30 days.


Electricity price today in France

Right now the price of electricity in France is   0.003 €/kWh +13,3 %

Highest electricity price today is 0.113 €/kWh at 21-22 Lowest electricity price today is 0.000 €/kWh at 14-15 On average the electricity price today is ~0.061 €/kWh
Detailed tabled Last 30 days

A shower costs today
0.02 € in France

Lowest price today: 0.68 € Highest price today: <0.01 €

10 min, 160 l of water = ~6 kWh

A bath costs today
0.03 € in France

Lowest price today: 0.85 € Highest price today: <0.01 €

200 liters of water = ~7,5 kWh

An oven at full blast all day costs today
1.47 € in France


1000W x 24 hours = 24 kWh

Boil 1 liter of water costs today
<0.01 € in France

Lowest price today: 0.01 € Highest price today: <0.01 €

Hot plate for 4 min = ~0,12 kWh

Bake a pizza costs today
<0.01 € in France

Lowest price today: 0.12 € Highest price today: <0.01 €

Oven for 30 min = ~1,1 kWh

Charge an electric car costs today
0.15 € in France

Lowest price today: 5.08 € Highest price today: <0.01 €

Nissan Leaf 10-80% = ~45 kWh

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Electricity market in France: An overview

Primary energy sources in France

France's energy landscape is diverse, with a significant focus on nuclear power. This form of energy serves as the backbone of the national electricity grid, accounting for a substantial portion of the country's energy production.

Energy sources in France

Renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric, wind, and solar power, also contribute to the national energy mix, reflecting France's commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Smart meter implementation and EU regulations

In alignment with European Union regulations, France has made significant strides in the installation of smart meters. Over 80% of French households are now equipped with these devices, marking a major step in modernizing the country's energy infrastructure.

Smart meters in France provide hourly measurements of electricity usage, facilitating more accurate and real-time monitoring. This system underpins the dynamic nature of electricity pricing and consumption patterns in the country.

Electricity plans and spot price linkage

A significant number of French households have adopted electricity plans that are directly tied to the current spot price. This pricing model reflects real-time market conditions, offering a transparent and responsive approach to electricity billing.

The hourly fluctuation of spot prices is a key characteristic of the French electricity market. Consumers with such plans experience varying electricity costs, directly influenced by market dynamics and energy availability.

Integration into the EU electricity market

France is not an isolated player in the energy sector but is intricately connected to the broader European Union electricity market. This integration plays a crucial role in the nation's energy strategy and market stability.

The interconnection with neighboring countries allows for the exchange of electricity, ensuring a more resilient and balanced energy supply across the region. This connectivity enhances the efficiency and reliability of the electricity grid both in France and in the broader EU context.

Environmental considerations and future outlook

Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of France's energy policy. The country is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency.

Looking towards the future, France aims to continue its path towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious energy landscape. This includes plans to further diversify energy sources and integrate advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of its electricity market.

Energy saving tips

Lower the temperature by one degree

Heating is one of the things that consumes the most electricity in a typical home. You save about 5% of the costs for heating for every degree you lower the interior temperature.

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Lighting is not the thing that uses the most electricity, but it can still be a good investment to switch to energy-efficient and LED lights. These provide up to 10x more light with the same amount of energy.

Questions and answers about electricity

What determines the electricity spot price?

Supply and demand determine the price of electricity in Europe. If there is a high production of electricity from power plants and demand is low, the price will fall. If, on the other hand, the production of electricity is small and demand is high, prices will increase. Therefore, the price of electricity is often highest in winter, as the need for electricity for heating is highest.

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All prices are current open market spot prices in the day-ahead segment without local vat, tax or other additions.

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