🇭🇺 Electricity spot price in Hungary today – July 24, 2024

Electricity spot prices in Hungary today, hour by hour. Including prices for the last 30 days.


Electricity price today in Hungary

Right now the price of electricity in Hungary is   -0.012 €/kWh -39,1 %

Highest electricity price today is 0.142 €/kWh at 20-21 Lowest electricity price today is -0.020 €/kWh at 14-15 On average the electricity price today is ~0.075 €/kWh
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A shower costs today
-0.07 € in Hungary

Lowest price today: 0.85 € Highest price today: -0.12 €

10 min, 160 l of water = ~6 kWh

A bath costs today
-0.09 € in Hungary

Lowest price today: 1.06 € Highest price today: -0.15 €

200 liters of water = ~7,5 kWh

An oven at full blast all day costs today
1.80 € in Hungary


1000W x 24 hours = 24 kWh

Boil 1 liter of water costs today
<0.01 € in Hungary

Lowest price today: 0.02 € Highest price today: <0.01 €

Hot plate for 4 min = ~0,12 kWh

Bake a pizza costs today
-0.01 € in Hungary

Lowest price today: 0.16 € Highest price today: -0.02 €

Oven for 30 min = ~1,1 kWh

Charge an electric car costs today
-0.54 € in Hungary

Lowest price today: 6.39 € Highest price today: -0.89 €

Nissan Leaf 10-80% = ~45 kWh

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Electricity market in Hungary

Primary energy sources in Hungary

Hungary's energy sector is diverse, with a mix of indigenous and imported sources. The nation primarily relies on fossil fuels, notably natural gas and coal.

Energy sources in Hungary

These traditional sources are complemented by renewable energy, although their share in the overall energy mix is still growing.

Role of nuclear power

Nuclear energy plays a pivotal role in Hungary's electricity generation. The Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the country's only nuclear facility, contributes a significant portion of the national electricity supply.

This reliance on nuclear power aids in reducing carbon emissions and provides a stable energy base.

Development of renewable energy

Renewable energy sources, particularly solar and biomass, are gradually gaining ground in Hungary. Solar energy, with its increasing installations, shows promising growth.

Biomass and hydroelectric power also contribute to the renewable energy sector, though to a lesser extent.

EU electricity market integration

Hungary is actively integrated into the European Union's electricity market. This integration allows for cross-border electricity trade and enhances energy security.

Being part of the EU market also means Hungary is subject to EU regulations and initiatives aimed at promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Interconnections with neighbors

The country's electricity grid is well connected with neighboring nations. These interconnections facilitate energy trade and help maintain grid stability.

They also enable Hungary to balance supply and demand efficiently, leveraging resources from across the region.

Energy policy and regulation

Hungarian energy policy is aligned with EU directives, focusing on energy security, market liberalization, and sustainability. The government actively promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy development.

Regulatory frameworks have been established to encourage investment in green energy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Challenges in the energy sector

Hungary faces challenges in modernizing its energy infrastructure and increasing the share of renewables in its energy mix. Balancing economic growth with environmental concerns remains a key issue.

Further, the nation must navigate the complexities of energy dependence and strive towards greater energy independence and sustainability.

Future outlook

The future of Hungary's electricity market lies in diversifying its energy sources and strengthening renewable energy capacity. This transition is vital for environmental sustainability and long-term energy security.

Investments in technology, infrastructure, and policy reforms will be crucial in shaping Hungary's energy future.

Energy saving tips

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Lighting is not the thing that uses the most electricity, but it can still be a good investment to switch to energy-efficient and LED lights. These provide up to 10x more light with the same amount of energy.

Take a shorter shower or install an energy-saving shower

With the energy-saving shower, you can save up to 50% energy compared to standard shower heads. Or you can shower half the time. With the electricity price today in Hungary you can save -0.04 € for each shower.

Questions and answers about electricity

What is spot price?

Most electricity companies in Europe buy electricity on a common market place, such as Nord Pool. All power plants that produce electricity and electricity companies that supply electricity to homes and businesses meet there. Based on supply and demand, prices are set for each hour and each area, one day in advance. Some countries, such as Norway, are divided into several different price areas, each of which has its own spot price.

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All prices are current open market spot prices in the day-ahead segment without local vat, tax or other additions.

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