๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Electricity spot price in Italy (Sardinia) today โ€“ July 24, 2024

Electricity spot prices in Italy (Sardinia) today, hour by hour. Including prices for the last 30 days.


Electricity price today in Italy (Sardinia)

Right now the price of electricity in Italy (Sardinia) is   0.000 โ‚ฌ/kWh -32,6 %

Highest electricity price today is 0.173 โ‚ฌ/kWh at 20-21 Lowest electricity price today is 0.000 โ‚ฌ/kWh at 17-18 On average the electricity price today is ~0.078 โ‚ฌ/kWh
Detailed tabled Last 30 days

A shower costs today
<0.01 โ‚ฌ in Italy (Sardinia)

Lowest price today: 1.04 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: <0.01 โ‚ฌ

10 min, 160 l of water = ~6 kWh

A bath costs today
<0.01 โ‚ฌ in Italy (Sardinia)

Lowest price today: 1.30 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: <0.01 โ‚ฌ

200 liters of water = ~7,5 kWh

An oven at full blast all day costs today
1.87 โ‚ฌ in Italy (Sardinia)


1000W x 24 hours = 24 kWh

Boil 1 liter of water costs today
<0.01 โ‚ฌ in Italy (Sardinia)

Lowest price today: 0.02 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: <0.01 โ‚ฌ

Hot plate for 4 min = ~0,12 kWh

Bake a pizza costs today
<0.01 โ‚ฌ in Italy (Sardinia)

Lowest price today: 0.19 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: <0.01 โ‚ฌ

Oven for 30 min = ~1,1 kWh

Charge an electric car costs today
<0.01 โ‚ฌ in Italy (Sardinia)

Lowest price today: 7.77 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: <0.01 โ‚ฌ

Nissan Leaf 10-80% = ~45 kWh

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Electricity market in Italy: IT5 zone - Sardinia

Introduction to the IT5 zone

The IT5 zone, covering the island of Sardinia, is a distinct and significant part of Italy's electricity market. Sardinia's unique position as an island contributes to its specific energy needs and solutions.

This zone is characterized by its blend of pristine natural landscapes and developed urban centers. The biggest cities, Sassari and Cagliari, are at the forefront of the region's electricity demand and supply dynamics.

Geographical impact on Sardinia's electricity

Sardinia's insular nature poses unique challenges for electricity distribution and generation. The island's separation from the mainland impacts its energy infrastructure and market.

These geographical factors necessitate a self-sufficient approach to energy generation and distribution, influencing the electricity pricing and availability in the IT5 zone.

Italy electricity sources

Energy sources and sustainability in Sardinia

The IT5 zone's energy market is increasingly focused on sustainable and self-reliant energy sources. Renewable energy, particularly solar and wind power, plays a growing role in Sardinia's energy mix.

Efforts to harness the island's abundant natural resources for energy production are evident, with a shift towards greener, more sustainable energy practices. This transition impacts not only the current electricity market but also shapes its future trajectory in the IT5 zone.

Challenges in energy infrastructure and development

Sardinia's unique position as an island brings specific challenges in developing and maintaining its energy infrastructure. The need for robust and resilient energy systems is paramount to ensure consistent electricity supply.

Investments in renewable energy projects, grid modernization, and innovative energy solutions are key to meeting the island's energy needs. These developments are crucial for Sardinia's long-term energy security and environmental sustainability.

EU electricity market integration and Sardinia

Despite its insularity, the IT5 zone is part of the broader EU electricity market. This integration offers opportunities for energy exchange and collaboration, enhancing Sardinia's energy market stability.

The EU's focus on renewable energy and sustainability aligns with Sardinia's energy initiatives, fostering a conducive environment for innovative energy solutions in the IT5 zone.

Future outlook and sustainable energy practices

The future of Sardinia's electricity market in the IT5 zone is closely tied to sustainable energy practices and technological advancements. The shift towards renewable energy sources, combined with efforts to improve energy efficiency, presents a promising path forward.

As Sardinia continues to evolve its energy landscape, the focus on sustainability, innovation, and integration with the broader EU energy policies will be key in shaping a resilient and efficient electricity market for the island.

Energy saving tips

Take a shorter shower or install an energy-saving shower

With the energy-saving shower, you can save up to 50% energy compared to standard shower heads. Or you can shower half the time. With the electricity price today in Italy (Sardinia) you can save 0.00 โ‚ฌ for each shower.

Lower the temperature by one degree

Heating is one of the things that consumes the most electricity in a typical home. You save about 5% of the costs for heating for every degree you lower the interior temperature.

Questions and answers about electricity

What is spot price?

Most electricity companies in Europe buy electricity on a common market place, such as Nord Pool. All power plants that produce electricity and electricity companies that supply electricity to homes and businesses meet there. Based on supply and demand, prices are set for each hour and each area, one day in advance. Some countries, such as Norway, are divided into several different price areas, each of which has its own spot price.

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