๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Electricity spot price in Italy (North) today โ€“ June 13, 2024

Electricity spot prices in Italy (North) today, hour by hour. Including prices for the last 30 days.


Electricity price today in Italy (North)

Right now the price of electricity in Italy (North) is   0.098 โ‚ฌ/kWh -5,7 %

Highest electricity price today is 0.146 โ‚ฌ/kWh at 20-21 Lowest electricity price today is 0.076 โ‚ฌ/kWh at 13-14 On average the electricity price today is ~0.103 โ‚ฌ/kWh
Detailed tabled Last 30 days

A shower costs today
0.59 โ‚ฌ in Italy (North)

Lowest price today: 0.88 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: 0.46 โ‚ฌ

10 min, 160 l of water = ~6 kWh

A bath costs today
0.74 โ‚ฌ in Italy (North)

Lowest price today: 1.10 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: 0.57 โ‚ฌ

200 liters of water = ~7,5 kWh

An oven at full blast all day costs today
2.47 โ‚ฌ in Italy (North)


1000W x 24 hours = 24 kWh

Boil 1 liter of water costs today
0.01 โ‚ฌ in Italy (North)

Lowest price today: 0.02 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: 0.01 โ‚ฌ

Hot plate for 4 min = ~0,12 kWh

Bake a pizza costs today
0.11 โ‚ฌ in Italy (North)

Lowest price today: 0.16 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: 0.08 โ‚ฌ

Oven for 30 min = ~1,1 kWh

Charge an electric car costs today
4.42 โ‚ฌ in Italy (North)

Lowest price today: 6.57 โ‚ฌ Highest price today: 3.42 โ‚ฌ

Nissan Leaf 10-80% = ~45 kWh

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Electricity market in Italy: IT4 zone - North

Introduction to the IT4 zone

The IT4 zone covers the northern region of Italy, encompassing a dynamic and economically significant area. This zone is characterized by its industrial hubs and rich cultural heritage.

Major cities in this zone, including Milano, Torino, Genova, Venezia, and Bologna, are pivotal to the region's energy demands and market dynamics.

Northern Italy's geographical influence on energy

The diverse landscape of Northern Italy, from the Alps to the Po Valley, plays a crucial role in shaping the electricity distribution and pricing in the IT4 zone.

Geographical features such as mountain ranges and river systems present unique challenges and opportunities for electricity transmission and generation in this region.

Italy electricity sources

Energy mix in the IT4 zone

The energy market in Northern Italy is marked by a diverse mix of energy sources. This includes a significant reliance on traditional energy sources, complemented by an increasing focus on renewable energy.

Renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power from the Alpine rivers and solar energy, are becoming more prominent in the region's energy portfolio, reflecting a shift towards sustainable energy practices.

Integration with the European electricity market

The IT4 zone's connection to the broader EU electricity market is essential for its energy strategy. This integration facilitates cross-border energy trade, enhancing supply security and market stability in Northern Italy.

Adherence to EU energy policies and regulations, particularly those promoting renewable energy and sustainability, is evident in the evolving energy landscape of the IT4 zone.

Challenges and future outlook in Northern Italy's energy sector

Northern Italy faces several challenges in its electricity market, including the need to modernize aging infrastructure and balance industrial energy demands with environmental considerations.

Opportunities for growth in the IT4 zone include further development of renewable energy sources, grid modernization, and initiatives to improve energy efficiency. These developments are crucial for the region's long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

Energy saving tips

Charge the electric car when electricity is cheapest

The price of electricity can fluctuate a lot during the day and charging an electric car consumes a lot of electricity. With the cost of electricity today in Italy (North) it is 3.15 โ‚ฌ cheaper to charge at the hours with the lowest price.

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Lighting is not the thing that uses the most electricity, but it can still be a good investment to switch to energy-efficient and LED lights. These provide up to 10x more light with the same amount of energy.

Questions and answers about electricity

What is spot price?

Most electricity companies in Europe buy electricity on a common market place, such as Nord Pool. All power plants that produce electricity and electricity companies that supply electricity to homes and businesses meet there. Based on supply and demand, prices are set for each hour and each area, one day in advance. Some countries, such as Norway, are divided into several different price areas, each of which has its own spot price.

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All prices are current open market spot prices in the day-ahead segment without local vat, tax or other additions.

Timezone is Central European Time (CET) with Daylight Saving Time (DST). Current time: Thu, 13 Jun 2024 11:43

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